Ryoga Goto

Expertise: Piano, Composition
Born in Hokkaido, Japan.

“I have loved to play the piano since before I can remember.”

He started learning to play the piano at the age of three and became fascinated by it.

When he was in elementary school, he encountered Debussy’s melodies and was strongly moved by them. Awakened to the new fascination of the piano, he began to compose music on his own and developed a free style of playing.

In high school, he specialized in music, and while still a student, he was selected as a composer for stage performances and musicals, and his talent as a composer blossomed.

He specializes in a unique style of poetically playing humanity’s psychological landscapes, and continues to weave exquisite melodies as a unique solo pianist and composer.

His debut album “Nature of the piano” was released in October 2019.



Nature of the piano / 1st album – 2019 Oct.
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